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Comment bien ranger des bijoux?

How to properly store jewelry?

The purchase of a new jewel can be a milestone. A beautiful piece of jewelry can cost you a significant amount of money, so you want to make sure it will last as long as possible.

One of the best ways to ensure your jewelry doesn't tarnish is to store it properly. A lot of people think they can just throw all their jewelry in a box, put it in a drawer or cabinet and it'll be fine, but that's often not the case.

Different elements can influence how you should store your jewelry. Whether it is the material, the type of jewelry or the cost. In order to help you understand the best way to store your jewelry and organize it, we have prepared a guide.

How to store your everyday jewelry

Storing everyday jewelry is slightly different than storing luxury jewelry. Fine jewelry is only released on special occasions, which means it can be locked away for long periods of time before being released. They must therefore be stored in a specific way.

Everyday jewelry, on the other hand, should be easily accessible because, as the name suggests, it will be used daily. So you will find that instead of storing everyday jewelry in your cabinet or in drawers, most people use jewelry stands or a jewelry display to store their everyday jewelry. If you're short on outdoor space, you can always use the space available in your drawers and use small boxes to store your jewelry.

What's the best way to store jewelry?

The best way to store jewelry mainly depends on the type of jewelry. Here we show you the best ways to store each type of jewelry, as well as creative ideas and innovative jewelry storage solutions.

How to store earrings

It is best to store earrings upright. There are many objects you can reuse to store earrings. You can do a DIY project to organize your earrings while staying within your budget.

DIY projects can vary in intensity. You can do something simple like find metal mesh accessories and use them to hang your earrings. You can even use the inside of the container for other jewelry if you wish.

This is just one example of how you can turn items in your home into jewelry organizers . The main thing to consider when storing earrings is to find a system where you can keep your earrings in pairs.

How to store rings

There isn't necessarily a best way to store rings . Unlike other forms of jewelry, rings don't tangle or knot together, so it's realistic to think you can fit all your rings in one box.

However, the more expensive the ring, the more you will want to take care of it. You should therefore invest in a jewelry box with a specific section for rings or a ring holder that offers waterproof pockets to place your rings. These ring holders allow you to easily see all your rings.

If you have less expensive rings that don't need to stay in a specific ring holder, you can use everyday storage ideas and buy a small jewelry dish in which you can place a few of your favorite rings.

How to store necklaces

Collars are particularly annoying, as they tend to tangle with each other. So you need good jewelry storage solutions to prevent this from happening. Jewelry stands are often the most popular choice for storing necklaces due to the height they provide. You want something high enough that it can sit on your counter and necklaces can easily hang from it without dragging on surfaces.

You can also simply install hooks inside a cabinet, a door or on your walls to hang your necklaces. Depending on the aesthetic of your room, this can be a great way to create an accent piece on one wall.

How to store large quantities of jewelry?

While there are specific ways to store certain jewelry , there are also general methods you can use if you're looking for ideas for organizing your jewelry at home.

Here are some of the jewelry storage ideas you can use to make sure your jewelry retains its shine for as long as possible:

Separate jewelry by type of metal

The first thing you should know about storing your jewelry is that you should separate all types of metals and only keep the same metals together. When dissimilar metals are stored in the same place, they react with each other, which can cause premature tarnishing . If you want your jewelry to remain shiny and intact, it is essential to separate it by type of metal.

Keeping your jewelry at an appropriate temperature

Storing jewelry in places that are too humid is one of the main reasons jewelry tarnishes. If you're worried about your jewelry tarnishing too quickly due to humidity, there are several things you can do.

You can use a dehumidifier in the place where you keep your jewelry. If you can't invest in a dehumidifier, there are other less solutions like placing silica sachets with your jewelry, which absorb moisture from the air and create a less humid environment for them.

Sort by category

Filing your jewelry in compartments is the best way to keep it in good condition for a long time. When you place each piece of jewelry in its own compartment, you keep it safe.

It does not interact with any other type of jewelry, which means that no other metal or jewelry will react with it or tarnish it. It also means that each piece of jewelry is easy to find and tangle-free, as it has its own space. Overall, compartmentalization is the best option for keeping your jewelry in pristine condition for longer. You can invest in a jewelry box with separate compartments.

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Where to store your valuable jewelry?

Proper storage of your valuable jewelry is essential, as you have probably spent a significant amount of money on these pieces and want them to last as long as possible. Here is the right way to store your valuable jewelry:

The felt

Felt is the best material for storing valuable jewelry because it helps limit humidity. As mentioned earlier, you don't want to store your jewelry in a humid environment, as this speeds up the tarnishing process.

Felt absorbs moisture from the air, which reduces dampness and therefore tarnishing. If you can't invest in a felt jewelry organizer, use felt pouches for expensive individual items.

Don't put them away in plain sight

Valuable jewelry is more likely to be stolen, so storing it in plain sight is risky. While we recommend storing everyday jewelry on counters and in easy-to-reach places, we don't recommend it for your valuable jewelry.

You should consider storing your valuable jewelry in safer places . How secure is up to you. You can hide them in a box, in a drawer or keep them in a safe.

Keep them in a dark place

Keeping your jewelry in a dark place is necessary if you want to prevent it from tarnishing. Exposing jewelry to sunlight for long periods of time will inevitably cause it to tarnish faster than in a darker environment.

To create a dark environment, simply put your jewelry in a pouch, but you can also store it in a box, cabinet or drawer. The main thing to remember is that you want to store your valuable jewelry in a dark, dry place to prevent it from tarnishing and getting damaged unnecessarily.

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Is it safe to store jewelry in plastic?

It is not recommended to store jewelry in plastic. Plastic, especially small plastic bags or pouches, can emit fumes that are harmful to jewelry. This can lead to discoloration and early tarnishing of jewelry.

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