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When it comes to jewelry for men, it can be difficult to know what to buy. Accessories can really elevate a man's entire outfit, but many are too nervous to venture outside of the traditional pocket watch, handkerchief or tie. However, thanks to men such as Harry Styles embracing the power of jewelry, men’s jewelry is quickly becoming the newest fashion trend.

Whilst some men’s jewelry can be a bit over the top and in your face, there are plenty of options available with different styles. Finding an aesthetic that suits you is the key, and once this is established you’ll hopefully feel more comfortable to experiment and add to your jewelry collection.

What are the rules for wearing men’s jewelry?

Whilst there aren't really any rules for men wearing jewelry, there are some key things to keep in mind to get the aesthetic you want. Once you have dabbled in the world of men’s jewelry a bit, and feel more comfortable with the pieces in your collection, you can begin to experiment.

Here are some tips to help you achieve some of the best men jewelry looks:

Choose a metal

Choosing the type of metal you prefer is the first step to building a comprehensive jewelry collection. If you want to look well put together with your outfit, you will want to stick to only one metal. For example, mixing gold and silver jewelry together can create an incoherent look.

If you go into your jewelry journey with one metal in mind, it will be easier to develop a collection which consists of mainly all the same precious metals so you don’t get tempted to mix and match. The three main options for metals for men's jewelry are gold and gold tones jewelry, such as white gold, yellow gold and solid gold, sterling silver, or platinum.

Gold jewelry for men is guaranteed to suggest decadence and sophistication if worn correctly. Small accents of gold jewelry will perfectly tie together a look. However, gold jewelry in excess can also look tacky and over-the-top, so be sure to be aware of this and opt for a more minimalist jewelry look if choosing gold as your metal of choice.

If you are thinking about choosing sterling silver, this is a more affordable but equally chic option which is extremely popular for men just starting their jewelry collection. You have more freedom with silver jewelry as it is less overwhelming than gold.

The final precious metal that men tend to gravitate towards is platinum. Platinum is one of the more expensive jewelry options, which is why you’ll often see wedding bands made from it. On the whole, platinum is reserved for luxurious jewelry items and you likely wouldn’t create a whole collection from it. However, if you like the look of it and want to treat yourself to a piece, you definitely should.

Keep it simple

When you are just getting into jewelry, it can be quite easy to go over the top. The key to acing the jewelry game as a newcomer is to prioritize simplicity. If you’re worried that you’ll look out of place wearing jewelry, start off small and work your way up. Start with a watch, a widely worn accessory, and slowly build your way up to rings, necklaces, etc. Going all in all at once might overwhelm you!

Match it to the occasion

The kinds of jewelry you wear should match the occasion and the dress code that you are expected to adhere to. For example, if you’re attending a fancy dress party, you can get away with over the top jewelry. However, if you’re going to a more sophisticated black tie event, you might want to keep the jewelry to a minimum, maybe just wear a watch and a ring or two. Your place of work might also have restrictions on the types of jewelry you can wear, so be sure you’re aware of this before you start building your collection.

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What are the best types of jewelry for men?


Necklaces are one of the hardest things to get right for men’s jewelry, especially if you’re looking to stray away from the traditional gold chain necklace. A good rule of thumb when shopping for men’s necklaces, is to shop for a pendant necklace. Most pendant necklaces have the perfect sized chain and the addition of the pendant gives it personal meaning.


Watches are arguably the easiest pieces of men’s jewelry to get right. This is largely due to the fact that watches are one of the most universally accepted and worn pieces of jewelry/accessory for men.

Depending on the style you go for, wearing a watch can say a lot about a person. Whilst businessmen tend to go for a bulkier metal strap watch vibe, those with a more casual aesthetic usually prefer a sports watch while a sophisticated old soul may prefer a leather strap… the variations really are endless.

If you want to switch up your aesthetics, watches are an easy way to do this. Many men choose to have an occasion watch and a casual watch in their jewelry collection as it allows them to easily switch up their outfits and the personality they wish to project.


Rings are something that men seem to shy away from. Men’s jewelry rings often appear to be reserved for weddings, but this should not be the case, as rings can exude power, sophistication and style in a way that no other forms of men’s jewelry can.

The signet ring has come back in style in a big way. These chunky rings are a brilliant opportunity to express yourself as you can get them engraved with different things. Matching signet rings are also becoming increasingly popular for friendship groups and couples. Rings are no longer reserved just for the ring finger, but can be mixed and matched to create a whole new aesthetic.


Earrings take a bit more commitment than any other form of jewelry as if you don’t have your ears pierced you will not be able to wear earrings. Studs are probably the easiest type of earrings to pull off due to their inherently understated nature, but if you want to make more of a statement, go for a dangling earring or a small thin hoop.

Nose rings

The nose ring is quickly becoming the piercing to get, for both men and women. Small hoops are the most popular choice of jewelry for a nose piercing or a septum piercing. For men, they are usually thin and are most popular in solid colors, such as black, silver or gold.

Again, this is a form of jewelry that requires a lot more commitment than most other forms of jewelry as it requires a piercing, but once a man has a nose piercing, the looks he can create can really help to show off his personality and aesthetic.


Bracelets for men are no different from watches as they are both forms of jewelry that you wear on your wrist. If you are happy to wear a watch, then why not try a bracelet? If you’re wearing a short sleeve t-shirt, a thick cuff bracelet will help to really elevate your look. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more rustic look, a woven bracelet is a great option.

Hopefully, this guide to men's jewelry has piqued your interest and will encourage you to start building your collection. Whether you opt for a new watch, a few rings, a necklace or a bracelet, browse Caroline Neron’s collection to find unique pieces of jewelry. With varying metals, finishes, styles and aesthetics, you will be sure to find something that suits you. The collection also has varying price points, meaning you’ll be able to find something that fits your budget.

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