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How To Buy the Best Jewelry for the Woman of Your Life

How To Buy the Best Jewelry for the Woman of Your Life

When choosing jewelry for the woman of your life, you should keep in mind that it’s a durable item to wear on many special occasions, so when you decide to buy it, you...
Guide to Men's Watches | How to choose your man’s watch

Guide to Men's Watches

Choosing the perfect watch for the man in your life may seem like an easy job, but when you start to look into it, you begin to realize just how vast the world...
Entrevue radio avec Caroline Néron

Entrevue radio avec Caroline Néron

Caroline était au micro de Laurent Therrien à son émission Pour votre info la semaine dernière. Une discussion enrichissante à propos de l'entreprise, des difficultés vécues et de la façon de se relever....
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