Shipping policy

1. What are the delivery times and rates?

The rates and delivery times are the same whether you order by phone or by Internet. Here are the applicable rates and delivery times. We offer free delivery with any purchase of 125$ or more.

2. Still haven't received anything?

You can track your order online with the tracking number we will send you when your package leaves our warehouse. The Internet link to track your order with Canada Post will also be provided in this email. With your tracking number in hand, simply click on the link to find out your delivery date:

3. Is it possible to deliver to a third party?

Yes, we will gladly deliver your package to a third party anywhere in Canada. Just mention the person's address as the delivery address. Shipping charges applicable to the province of delivery will apply. You will need to place as many individual orders as you have different delivery addresses.

4. Can I ship internationally?

The website delivers anywhere in Canada, to order from the USA, you can visit our website:

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