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Caroline Néron




Caroline Néron's career began at the age of 17, when she appeared in various commercials. Her beauty, presence and talent led her to multiple television and movie roles. After her performance in the hit musical Grease, she signed her first record contract.

In addition to being recognized as an actress and singer, Caroline has also been a fashion icon since the beginning of her career. Her style and image has inspired Québécois designers, whose fashions she has worn togalas and events around the world.

In 2004, Caroline put her creativity and business sense to work, founding Bijoux Caroline Néron Inc. Since then, her collections have revolutionized the jewellery industry. In the Fall of 2008, she earned the recognition and respect of the fashion industry for a breathtaking show of her collection during Montreal Fashion Week.

Through its distinctiveness, the company has taken an enviable niche in the fashion world, offering quality jewelry that is both chic and elegant.

CAROLINE NERON jewellery is most often adorned with crystals from Swarovski®, known throughout the world for their unparalleled consistency and brilliance. We also integrate semi-precious stones, as well as cubic zircon and other raw materials. Most of the models are mounted on brass chains plated in silver, gold, pink gold, stainless steel, or leather.

WATCHES are made of stainless steel and feature high-quality Swiss quartz movements. The glass we use is made from a highly resistant mineral and, depending on the model, may feature SWAROVSKI crystals and/or cubic zircon.

NERON HOMME is a collection made from stainless steel that also features semi-precious stones, wood or leather.

The NERON JOAILLERIE collection is created from 14-carat gold, precious stones and clear SI-quality and black diamonds.


All our jewelry is delivered in its original packaging: a small plastic bag in a velvet pouch, provided to better preserve your jewellery. WATCHES, as well as NERON HOMME and NERON JOAILLERIE are delivered in their own individual jewellery box.