La Protégé anklet
Materials and description: Made of 925 silver. Length 9 1/2 inches with a one and a half inch extension chain.
Hand of Fatima anklet
Materials and description: Made of 925 silver, leather. Length 12 inches.
Sweet Girl 10KT Ankle Brace
Materials and description: Made of 10kt gold Length 9 1/2 inches with a one and a half inch extension chain.
Iconic ankle support
Materials and description: 925 silver set with cubic zirconia Length 9 1/4 inches
Folio Ankle Brace
Materials and Description: Gold plated brass Length 11 inches with one inch extension chair

A women's anklet or anklet for women is a bracelet that you wear around your ankle. Anklets for women come in many styles, from simple and delicate, to bold and showy. They look great with jeans and cropped pants, as well as with dresses, skirts and shorts. Whether you're wearing heels or flats, an anklet can always give your outfit a whole new dimension. This is a beautiful little accessory that is subtle, but when noticed, is very sexy.

Some people even say that when you wear an anklet, every step you take repels negative energy and vibrates positivity in everyone around you.

When should ankle braces be worn?

Anklets should be worn when and where you want. Of course, you have to choose the style depending on the occasion and your outfit. For example, if the occasion is festive and you're wearing a dress and heels, choose an anklet with sparkles. If it's a casual summer day and you're wearing cropped jeans or a skirt, choose a simple chain anklet or beaded anklet to complete your look.

Also, be sure to wear the ankle braces only on bare ankles, not over socks or tights (in some cases, it's okay to wear them over stockings). Again, if the suit suits you, nothing prevents you from wearing it. Confidence is the key!

At what ankle should an ankle brace be worn?

Anklets can be worn on either or both ankles. In some situations, you can create an extremely luxurious look by wearing a bracelet on both ankles. However, in most situations, a better choice is to wear a bracelet on just one ankle. It doesn't matter, wear it on the right ankle or the left ankle.

Whatever your style, you can certainly find an anklet that suits you.

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